NOTICE: The vast majority of players on this .io game are known to use different measures of cheating and/or exploiting. Fair game is hard to find. Not recommended to people who are slow to type or people wish for a level playing field.

Welcome to the WikiEdit ( is a game that involves hacking other players to earn bit coins, the in game currency of the game!

In this wiki are guides on how to get started, detailed explanations on game elements, and an future ideas page where you can comment ideas you recommend the game developers to add!

If you feel like, you may also contribute and edit this wiki to make it even more attractive and detailed for the public and eager players that need more info!

Now, browse the wiki, maybe even contribute, and open and start hacking! PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES!!! DEV I CAN HELP U!

Latest activityEdit

Hack lower and higher level players while making your firewall better.